Eliza Combs, MA, LPCC, ATR

Like most children, I loved creativity, play and dance as a child. In the most challenging times in my life, creative expression through art and movement saved my life and so did the people I was lucky enough to find that were present and clear enough to provide support, inspiration and sanctuary.  

In being loved I found my passion – creating sacred space, loving people and through presence helping to connect them to the power of their aliveness through self expression, intuition and the wisdom of the body. I have been witness, facilitator and participant in the power of ART to transform, empower and heal for over 20 years. 

I've been so lucky and honored to be in community and work with a diversity of folks in varied settings: on the street, in schools, in shelter, half way houses, prisons, residential programs, community organizations, retreat settings, workshops, medical/healthcare settings and survivor advocacy agencies. 

In both personal and professional work I come from an understanding of the intersections of race, class, gender, disability and sexual identities and strive toward solidarity for shared liberation and social justice in my community. As a clinician I validate experiences of oppression and discrimination, explore internalized isms, encourage reclaimation of identity as a point of power and see advocacy as integral to my role. 

I am passionate about expressive arts, liberating education, justice and experiential therapeutic work. Every day I get to practice being with people and connecting with power and healing using the simple tools of presence, relationship, sacred space and expressive arts. 

I offer sanctuary and presence – a deep healing portal in which your mind, body and spirit can be experienced as one and a practice of aligning with your wise self and nature. You are already whole. If you feel broken that too is part of your wholeness and aliveness

The latest research in neuroscience, attachment and interpersonal neurobiology are validating what many wisdom traditions and healers have known for thousands of years. We are wired for love, community, connection and healing. We are oriented toward health and wholeness. Wounding takes place in relationship and is healed in relationship and community. Being in the presence of someone who is present is healing. The body holds information and stores emotion that isn’t able to be processed during times of intense stress, terror or survival. Holding stress and emotion in the body impacts our physical and mental well being.  Art and movement can be pathways toward release and integration.

As a client centered, trauma informed therapist and expressive arts facilitator I see my role as a support person who helps to amplify and draw out the wisdom, healing and aliveness already present within you.

A little about my process:

A little about my credentials: 

I obtained my Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture and Art History in 2002 from the Art Academy of Cincinnati.  

In 2013 I completed a year long Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program with Chris Zydel of Creative Juices Arts in Calistoga, California. 

In 2014 I completed my Masters in Counseling & Art Therapy from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Clinical Mental Health Counselor, LPCC - License # 0187061

National Registered Art Therapist, ATR - Registration # 16-196

Now I live and work here in New Mexico! 

Here are some projects I was lucky enough to be a part of and people I have studied with! 

Septima Clark Literacy Center Dr. Elizabeth Peavy 
Nonprofit Leadership Development Program Public Allies
A Small Group Peter Block
Documentarist Barbara Wolf
Contemporary Dance Theater INSIDE/OUTSIDE: The Prison Project
Visionary & Metaphysical Artist C.Pic Michel
Public Community Artist Jan Brown Checco 
Henna & Mural Artist John Rapach
Expressive Arts Facilitator Chris Zydel
Founder & Creator of Touch Drawing Deborah Koff Chapin
Co-Founder of Santa Fe Embody Dance Tracy Collins

Deep Gratitude for these folks who have been my teachers, mentors and guides. They have provided me so much wisdom on my journey.  

A deeply healing ritual performed by participants and led by Tracy Collins in her Immerse/Emerge Retreat 2014.

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