eliza is of Irish, Cornish, German, working class, settler and ancestral lineages still being learned. eliza is an artist, expressive arts therapist, healing support person, accessible sound, movement and yoga facilitator and the leader of Expressive Arts Sanctuary and Liberate Yoga. Their intention in movement and yoga facilitation is to contact ancestral wisdom, well-being, creativity and relief from stressors arising from complex trauma, living in oppressive systems (white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchy) and in service to empowering wholeness and collective liberation. eliza is influenced by Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Trauma-Conscious Yoga and Restorative Yoga Practices as well as body-centered practices such as somatic abolitionism and somatic archaeology. eliza is guided in their work by Black feminist practice and thought (anti-racism, social justice, interlocking oppressions -intersectionality), Indigenous Wisdom, the earth, the body, mystery, presence, intuition, joy, play, curiosity, and creativity. 

Here is something from Trauma Conscious Yoga Training with Nityda Gessel for which I am now supporting as a Teaching Assistant. I strongly recommend Nityda's Trauma Conscious Yoga program you can find more about it here:

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