Over the last 25 years, I have intuitively practiced trauma recovery work with myself through dance, movement, yoga and somatic training in different methods. Over the last 10 years as a licensed therapist, I have integrated this body-centered wisdom, healing, and voice more deeply in my work with others. 

One of the most profound shifts I experienced was in 2019 through the 200-hour Historical Trauma Master Class with Freedom Lodge and Dr. Ruby Gibson. 

This work is called somatic archaeology. From Freedom Lodge's website, they say this about the training. 

"This dynamic and intuitive training offers a unique approach to recover from complex traumatic events with researched and culturally relevant tools. A somatic, body-based approach which cultivates personal and cultural memory; clears emotional patterns; breaks personal trends of abuse, addiction, struggle and grief; tracks patterns of sexual abuse, remedies chronic pain and repetitive injury; and heals relational dynamics. We look through the lens of a 7 generational recovery approach - with the primary focus being on what is happening currently. We also learn Trauma First Aide to work with shock and loss. This program is supported with a medicine wheel model, indigenous research, hands-on skills, a blended learning system (in person and on-line), and and powerful exchange of ideas with inter-tribal healthcare providers. Expect to learn powerful modalities that will transform your life and augment your profession with Native American culturally appropriate interactions and solutions. Designed for Native American Health Care Providers, Recovery Counselors, Social Workers, Domestic & Sexual Abuse Advocates, and Traditional Healers. Lead Trainer and Developer Dr. Ruby Gibson. This annual 200-hour program is offered free of charge for Tribal Members."

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