Sunday, June 5, 2016

"Being With"

I recently went to an almost 3 week training on attachment. For a really inspirational summation of some of the things I learned check out Kent Hoffman's website , that's basically how long it will take you to read if you do so in one sitting. One of the central themes of the methodology presented was the idea of "being with." Being with is such a core component of my practice for myself and for my work with others. It is the idea of presence. An idea of what is truly healing. A parent's presence is the basic component of what creates a secure attachment. And presence and connection is what so many of us crave and what ultimately can create something called "earned attachment." It is why mindfulness and mindfulness based processes work! In my personal healing journey I know it is the folks who were able to hold me and all my feelings and behaviors in presence. In other words, Being with = presence = LOVE. In "being with" me, others provided with an opportunity to be with myself. In "being with" I could be present, I could love. 

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