Intuitive Painting or Process Painting is a practice of painting and meditating while listening to your voice within.  

In intuitive painting you spend time listening to this inner voice which tells you what to paint. 

This process is different for everyone. 

You are encouraged to paint what gives you juice and energy. 

This process is not about what the painting looks like, although, there are some pretty cool things that can happen with the painting. 

This process is about facing all the places in you that are calling for your attention. 

How much joy can you stand? 
Are you afraid of painting something hideous? 
Do you paint things out of obligation? 
Art can be a process which mirrors your life. Can you follow your inner guidance? 
If so, what could happen? 

It is quite frightening at times to face the blank page of your painting and your life. 

All the voices of judgment come to taunt you as you paint or step out to create the life of your dreams.

As you practice, just like in meditation, you learn how to listen to the voices that matter. 

As you do, you free up energy and release what you need to and learn how to be bold and listen to your deepest Self. 

So get your paints out and get ready, your soul has something to tell you and somewhere to take you!  

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