Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Precious Mama Body & Tears Flow

Doing some clearing and cleaning this morning and came across a writing I did in a workshop led by Talia Walsmith - it was a response to my painting in my intuitive teacher training with Chris Zydel.
I am the tears that flow like a river from the first mother who opened herself like a great crack in the void and birthed you into being. I melt and flow and am more powerful than you can imagine because i go around, I flow through. I am more precious than diamonds as I cleanse and heal broken hearts and broken souls, souls that are strewn over and need to be retrieved from the thousands of places they flee to hide and survive from me. I make bodies mostly all matter is from me and i have sparkle, jewels and magic. If you know how and where to look i am from the spirit world. I flow from eyes and help release built up energy that is stored in the body as a result of you being incarned in this form. you are so sensitive that I flow mightily from you. Release. Let it come. A thousand billion tears are not enough for the sorrows of this world. This is inside your body. your mama body, so precious and vast it contains the universe. Treasure it and let it pass, do not try to catch the tears they are ephemeral, transcending and disappear. Express gratitude in each drop.

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