Monday, October 5, 2015

Silence & the Magic of Childhood

This weekend I went to a meditation I'd been wanting to go to for awhile. I haven't seriously meditated for years and this was a 45 minute sit. I didn't know what to expect. It was at the fabulous community restaurant of a radiant man named Balam. My body was sore in sitting but the silence was nice.... or the sitting and attempt to still my mind was nice. I looked at Balam who was sitting to my side and he had his face to the earth as in child's pose. It looked so exquisite. I wrestled for several minutes with a mind gremlin who told me I shouldn't copy him. And then something wonderful happened and my inner child took over. She said, "I want my face in the earth." And I did something simple and radical. I listened. I also knew it would make my back feel better. I did it and it was something else. I felt held by the earth and I remembered when I was a kid and I was free to play in the earth. I loved the earth and loved to make mud cakes. I loved to play in the earth with water. It was different from the experiences I have had with energy pouring into me via my typical sit. I felt held and release in the earth. Then after we ate and shared community. This part of my day taught me I can do things different. And its easy and simple and radical. Do you meditate? Do you do something which such rigidity it makes you go into your judge or freezes you in your tracks and keeps you from the simple and radical?

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